Registration is open for the 2022 NHL Video Game World Championship

The registration period for the 2022 NHL Video Game World Championship began on Tuesday, and hockey fans and video game enthusiasts have many reasons to be excited.

As if the $100,000 prize pool weren’t enough, the 2022 edition will return individually, with the North American Championships in Montreal and the European Championships at the GG Festival at the MECC Convention Center. Maastricht, Netherlands.

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“Montreal has a large community of players, and hosting the event there will generate excitement,” said NHL vice president of business development, Chris Goulier. “With many of our best video game players coming from Canada, and in particular from Quebec, and the 2022 NHL Draft will be held in Montreal (July 7 and 8), the excitement should be even greater for players this year. . »

The last in-person championship was held in Las Vegas as part of the 2019 NHL Awards ceremony. The championship has been held remotely for the past two years due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

This year there will be four routes to reach the 2022 NHL Video Game World Championship finals, and players will be able to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Last year’s format will remain relatively intact, with a North American champion being crowned in Montreal and a European champion determined in the Netherlands this summer. But there’s a big addition this year: a losing tournament that will give the losing player a chance to return to the championship.

Some additional details players should like. One of them is the double-elimination operation from the console final round, which will allow the losing player to return.

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“This is a change that would be welcomed and the community has suggested in the past,” Golier explained.

Among the returning elements are players who would be able to represent NHL teams.

Matthew Grenier (Grain-35-), representing the Dallas Stars in 2021, is the defending North American Champion. The Houston native defeated Boston Bruins fan Justin Reguli (Ez_Regs) in a thrilling duel to win 4-3 in the final minute of Game 3.

Tweet from @NHL: It’s over! Grain-35- scored the $25,000 goal with 26 seconds to go to win the #NHLGWC!

The European tournament also has new features including six online qualifying tournaments, one for each country or group of countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway/Denmark, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Germany/Austria/Switzerland and the United Kingdom/Ireland.

“Our goal has always been to grow the league and create more opportunities for NHL 22 players to play and win,” said Golier. By adding qualifying tournaments, players will have the chance to represent their region at the European Championships and make their country proud. ,

The 2022 NHL Video Game World Championship has partnered with Rogers, Turner Sports and DreamHack for the event. To register and read all the rules, visit,

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