Red wine is valued at $ 1 million in space

After French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, Which left Earth for space on 23 April, it is the turn of the bottle of wine that was talked about for a trip to the International Space Station (ISIS). Its story begins in November 2019, when twelve bottles go to class for a period of fourteen months. Then they all contain the same French red wine: a Chettu Petrus 2000 from the Pomerol vineyard in the Gironde department. Bordeaux was launched by the company Space Cargo Unlimited which studies the effect of microgravity on organic products, and for the mission “Wise” for research aimed at determining the response of consumer products subjected to extraterrestrial conditions – “Bell and wine in space experiment” – The goal is to provide new scientific data and allow a better understanding of the wine maturation process.

Last January, twelve bottles finally returned to Earth, ready to deliver their results. Tasting them, twelve oncologists and scientists meet at the Board of Wine and Wine Sciences in early March. The difference in aromas is quickly noted: According to Professor Philip Darrett of the ISVV Onology Research Unit, which tasted for the first time, it seems that in space wine ” Rated very sensitively“. Since these findings, one of them just landed at a large Christie’s auction house, auctioned as part of a private sale. According to estimates, future buyers of this extraordinary Petrus 2000 growing in space should spend at least $ 1 million to try and taste their wine. The bottle will feature a personal trunk designed by Les Etelier Victor, a decanter, goggles and a corkscrew made of a meteorite. A bottle of Pétrus 2000 left on Earth will also be part of the lot,So that the happy buyer can compare the two“Christie’s Wine and Spirits Department’s international director Tim Tryptree told the BBC.

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The Pétrus 2000 bottle is auctioned by Christie in a private sale.

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