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For many, 2021 was an important year for Apple. The firm thus reaffirmed an operating position that focuses on applications, media and openness to third-party developers. This launching pad is marked by never-before-achieved turnover, which is approaching the group’s capitalization three trillion dollars, So let’s go back to all the Apple announcements made this year: let’s go.


To start, it should be noted that Apple has announced that it has earned no less than $83.4 billion during the third quarter of 2021, figures which are logically still to be surpassed for the holiday season. needed. If we add this amount with the sum of the last three quarters, we get the total approx. 400 billion dollars : Here too the brand is at the top.

The reasons for this growing success can be found in several prominent articles: Let’s review them.


On April 20, Apple formalized the arrival of the new ipad pro Available from next month. Their main difference is in favor of their M1 processor, which is as powerful as laptops like the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which also embeds the same chip. For the first time ever, the manufacturer has also switched to Mini-LED, which offers better contrast, despite facing some criticism due to fairly annoying bugs. There are two sizes available for these high-end tablets: 11 or 12.9 inches.

iPad mini 6 © Apple

The amount of RAM has also been increased, but that’s about it. And it’s also the main gray area that appears to be hovering over Apple in 2021: essential product updates for the company, but considered superfluous by many consumers as little different from previous versions. ,

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WWDC was also an opportunity to discover iPad 15, with the arrival of App Library on the menu. One IPAD MINI (Our test) And the ninth-generation iPad using this program was also launched in September. Although there is no iPad Air 5, the current version is already very promising. As for the 2012 iPad, it is now considered obsolete and is therefore no longer supported for free in the Apple Store.


The iPhone is no exception to the rule, and there has been a refurbishment notably similar to the 2020 collection. Apple without surprise presented us with four models that can be described as the iPhone 12 Mini, the upgraded iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro. 12 Pro Max. Still with the Lightning port despite Europe’s complaints against it. No, where the public has really more on the software side to discover something really interesting iOS 15,

iOS 15

© Apple

This proprietary operating system is indeed equipped with many much-awaited features, such as the deployment of tags in the Notes app, the famous concentration mode or even a Safari browser that is finally compatible with the extension.

Even the most indifferent will note the abandonment of the iPhone XR, although the iPhone 11 has been retained.


It seems that the major absence from these last twelve has been the MacBook Air, which, although re-released more than once a year ago, hasn’t replaced its 2020 model with the M1 chip. Ale’iMacThe one, on the other hand, went from 21 to 24 inches in a stunning new design, worked on by now-freelance Jony Ive through his agency Lovefrom. As for the iMac Pro, it was pulled from the shelves, as were its mouse and space gray keyboard. being passed under the whole Monterey In June, during the Worldwide Developer Conference, which, like other Keynotes, went online exclusively due to the coronavirus pandemic.

iMac M1

© Apple

In terms of performance, Apple continues to take off silicon with new SiPs (system in package) on a single component including both the CPU, graphics card and RAM module. The M1 Pro and M1 Max are assembled by TSMC for iPad and iPhone chips in Asia, and offered for configurations on the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apparently a lot of ink has flown because of their uniqueness: the notch!


Watch (series 7) and . As such, the marketing of new wearables has benefited users and the media as well. Third generation “classic” AirPods, In the meantime, AirPods Pro 2 are still pending, but if the rumors just submit in 2022. As for items that are compatible with HomeKit and controlled with the Home app, they really multiplied in 2021.


© Apple

with airtagNow it is also possible to track lost items: keys, wallets, even your own car. In addition to detecting fakes, these gadgets have also made headlines several times, especially in cases of theft of personal effects. Privacy is also always at the center of debate, although one feature of beacons can alert you if someone is monitoring you without your consent.

To end the accessories, let’s not forget homepod mini Which, finally available in multiple colors, signed the end of the more gorgeous model.


Also released in April, the Apple TV comes with its new . with Siri Remote (Incorporating the same dial as the iPod) The ideal multimedia center for the whole family like the throne in many homes. And for good reason; The box gives access to all of Cupertino’s virtual offerings for streaming with more video and rewards including TV+, music and its voice offering announced under 5 euros, arcade and its hundred sports and now fitness + more Its sports classes in mainland France in demand since the beginning of November.

apple services

© Apple

According to sales figures communicated by their publisher, these services are also the areas that are making the fastest progress up to the point of being represented today. 22% of his income, second only to the iPhone and ahead of the Mac. Even there, the sanitary conditions are probably something there so that Apple’s official projections believe these consequences will gradually calm down.


How to end the 2021 recap at Apple without mentioning the many issues that the company now weighs against has apparently become too powerful in the eyes of some? Australia, India, South Korea, Japan, US Senate, UK, European Commission, Germany and of course France Closely monitor Vishal’s actions. Harsh Fine has also tried to halt its development, while security vulnerabilities and major bugs have been identified within iOS.

Among the questions surrounding a conjecture unipolarBetween patent infringement, privacy risks and criticized working conditions on its premises and those of its partners, Apple still has work to do.

What is being prepared behind the scenes…

In recent weeks, the US body responsible for filing patents has also seen Apple register a number of new features. They unfortunately haven’t seen the light of day yet, but such documents prove that technology is in their possession. We can cite the camera and fingerprint sensor under the iPhone screen, a connected car with a graphic interface, foldable screen, a glucometer on the Watch and of course a mixed reality headset expected in 2022.

Finally, on the supplier side, BOE Electronics (Screen) and . A restructuring is also underway with Luxshare (Assembly) is taking over LG and Foxconn respectively.

And for you, what is the most fascinating innovation of 2021 at Apple? - The official app – The official app

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