Reconciliation, status quo, wait and watch policy … Five days of zigzagging story at the top of the state

On this Friday, January 22, Europe is hamstrung by the British version of Kovid-19, which scientists have dubbed VOC 202012/01. Belgium has banned foreign travel of its countrymen. There are more than a thousand deaths a day in Britain. Is limited to Germany. Portugal is on the verge of asphyxiation. In Paris, the executive wonders: before France suffers from the same fate?

Since the end of 2020, the epidemic curve is progressing slowly but surely. “High plateau” Ascended to the rhythm of a funkara described by the authorities. Approximately 3,000 people occupy the intensive care units of the hospitals, since the second incarceration took place in October. Lives in an सीlysé consultant world : “The container seems quite inevitable. “

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For several days, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, has been making the same observations in a small committee. He reiterates to his visitors that he will work on a re-control hypothesis next week, keeping the schools open. On that day, a meeting of the heads of the Mattignon Poll clarified the idea of ​​covering France for three weeks. The machine is started.

After two days, Sunday newspaper Its “one” is displayed on: «Rebirth imminent». The Weekly says that Emmanuel Macron needs “Declare this person for the French in the television statement”, Is scheduled for Wednesday. Elysée’s formal denials, irritated by this “Pressure shot”. Heads of state do not want to allow this measure to be implemented unless the figures indicate an urgent need for it. With around 20,000 new cases per day, France can still avoid it, he believes. A Defense Council is scheduled for Wednesday; Nothing will be decided beforehand.

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Castex: “All indicators are worrying”

He counted Jean-François Delfrasi, guest, on television Sunday evening. The President of the Scientific Council called all afternoon to share his belief: Preventive controls must be established, before the British version goes out of control. On BFM-TV, it alerts: VOC detected in 202012/01 «7% -8% -9%» Controlled positive cases “In the Paris area, and perhaps in other regions”. “We’ll probably have to go to prison”, They warn, who reiterate what doctors and scientists say throughout the day on television sets.

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