Reception of Brahim Gali by Spain: an “improper” act, an “error that should be rectified”, according to PAM’s SG

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Abdelatif Auabi, General Secretary of WFP.

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The reception by Spain of the Polisario militia leader, the so-called Brahim Ghali, constitutes an “unfair” act and an “error that needs to be rectified”, underlined the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) Secretary-General Abdelatif Oiabi. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper “La Rezon”, published on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

“This is an unfair act, as Morocco considers the Spaniards as a friendly people, a neighbor and a companion. This attitude is categorically rejected”, said Abdelatif Ouabi, of the government of Pedro Sánchez To welcome the decision, a man prosecuted by Spanish courts “under the guise of good neighborly and friendship relations between two people”, under sly and false identities.

“Authorizing the entry of a separatist from the Polisario front charged with serious human rights violations is an unfair act”, said Abdelatif Auabi, stating that humanitarian arguments have been made by Spain to welcome the culprit. ” Thousands are not convinced people are living in inhumane conditions in the Tindouf camps. “

“I hope that the Spanish government will correct its error against the Moroccan people as soon as possible, taking into account the strategic importance of relations between the two countries and abandoning any action that undermines the territorial integrity of Morocco”, The general secretary of the PAM confirmed that “the state has never sought an increase with the neighboring country”.

“Morocco supports negotiations with neighboring countries, for a future marked by peace and cooperation among the people”, he asserted, “no Moroccan political party has experienced isolationism in the world in relation to the conflict between Madrid and Catalonia.” Is not supported “.

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“The Moroccan parliament condemns the actions of the Spanish government, MPs, majority and opposition, considering this action a violation of the principles of good neighborliness”, the PAM Secretary-General said that the political party representing Morocco’s society is in the position of the Spanish government Reject

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