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Recently, our Patreon support area offers year-round membership packages. Now you can choose to pay your contribution in one go throughout the year.
This is a great way to continue supporting us while enjoying 10% off by choosing this payment method. To do this, visit our Patreon page, where the option will appear below the “Join” button for the level you have selected.

By helping us, you create favorable conditions for increasingly serious, independent and accurate work. So thank you very much.

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5 reasons to follow Futura on Patreon

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of joining us on Patreon as a contributor.

1. Navigate Futura Without Ads

This is an advantage we find in our subscription formula” Futura Ad-Free “. We have developed a module that allows you to read your favorite content without displaying ads. Another connection with the site and a better evaluation of our content.

2. Develop a more authentic relationship with our teams

On Patreon, teams reveal themselves and open up on their individual stories. In return, we share the project with you or give you the opportunity to vote to help choose the next topics, podcasts, and more. We do it in this space, because we know we are in a “little committee”, and it is a privileged place to speak and exchange, as opposed to a place where this form of closeness is more difficult to establish. Is.

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On our Patreon account you can find content such as: Live discussions with editorial teams, and many other surprises!

3. Support independent media

For Futura, the same passion for dissemination of scientific knowledge continues as on day one. Throughout all these years, Futura has never stopped growing led by a dynamic team attentive to the needs of reader concerns, with ever more cutting-edge content to diversify its formats, expand its themes and its audience. .

100% independent media since its birth (1Is July 2001), Futura believes more than ever in this time of growing distrust of science, and fake news, in its primary ambition of creating (and popularizing) quality, rigorous and objective information. We wish to be free to reveal all these values ​​and to arouse the curiosity, critical spirit and wonder of our readers. Yours Support on Patreon Hence helps us to finance the teams and the resulting projects.

4. Access to Exclusive Content

In addition to the more personal dialogue we do with Patreon, this space is also where we share unpublished material, which are not published elsewhere, or which are announced to all others. And that’s only the beginning, because the more weeks that go by, the more our editorial output grows!

5. Full autonomy and independence over your membership

We’re here from a practical point of view, but Patreon Being an external platform, you can manage your membership as you see fit, if you want to pause your membership, or unsubscribe, it is quite possible and you can do it easily Huh Via your account.

Thank you for your support and see you soon in our member area!

I support Futura, the independent media on Patreon!

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