Recapture England’s victory against France’s women’s XV

Welcome to the live telecast of the match between France and England on the fifth and final day of the Women’s Six Nations tournament.

What ? Final of the competition, between two undefeated teams and a tie on points. The winners will be crowned in this 2022 edition of the Six Nations tournament.

When ? Saturday, April 30th, at 3:15 p.m.

Where ? At the Jean-Douger Stadium in Bayonne (France).

on which channel? 2 on France,

Who hosts it live? Walid Cachaur and Hortense LeBlanc from Chaudron d’Austerlitz.

Composition of teams:

Jacket – Manager, Vernier, Philopone, Bouzard – Census, Drouin – Ferrer, Manager, Hermet (cap.) – Fall, Forlani – Deshay, Sochat, Joyex.
Trainer: Annick Herraud.

Rowland – Breach, Aitchison, Scarratt (cap.), Thompson – Infanta, Harrison – Matthews, Klell, Packer – Aldcroft, Ward – Cornborough, Davis, Byrne.
Coach: Simon Middleton.

Who does the mediation? Holly Davidson of Scotland.

What would we probably not talk about?

How do solar and lunar eclipses work

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