Real control: As the outbreak worsens, Pence paints a deceptive pink painting

And Vice President Mike Pence told the Americans everything was fine.

At the press conference on Friday by the coronavirus task force of the White House, the first in about two months, task force leader Pence, consistently drew a pink picture of a country that is safer and back to normal.

It was a picture that contradicted the truth.

Leaving critical information, Pence gave the optimist, a brighter version of dishonesty, all the way to distinguish President Donald Trump’s previous briefings, who did not attend the Friday session.

“We are in the midst of public health disaster, despite what you heard,” CNN chief medical reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta said after the briefing. Said.

“We’ve straightened the curve,” Pence boasts – the curve of the newly confirmed cases sharply headed up again fall and then plateau in April and May.
Pence said that many young people, “what we observed today,” “without symptoms”, tested positively in the Sun Belt. Texas, Arizona, and Florida communities who want to report data Keep hitting highs that are serious enough for them to be hospitalized for people with symptoms.

Pence described the Sun Belt status as specific “outbreaks” occurring in “specific districts” and “certain communities” – expert Dr. As Peter Hotez stated in the CNN after the briefing, some of the most populated districts in the country are places that have experienced a “big resurrection”.

“This is not a tragedy, and moreover it is not presented as a tragedy -” We do a pretty good job and now there are a few hot spots. “These are not ‘hot spots’ – these are the largest metropolitan areas in the United States,” he said. Dean of Baylor School of Medicine, National Tropical School of Medicine, Texas.

Pence also claimed that “all 50 states” were “opened safely and responsibly” – about 30 states have experienced increases in the rate of new cases and states reopened without meeting Security milestones recommended by the administration.
And Pence claimed that “the volume of new cases is a reflection of great success in expanding tests across the country” – but many states are seeing increasing positive test percentages. indicative Infection levels that really rise in the community.
In addition, Disease Control and Prevention Centers I said On Thursday, the actual number of US cases is likely to be 10 times the number of cases detected by the test. Anthony Fauci told The Washington Post on Thursday is “something isn’t working” with the current testing approach. And, as Gupta points out, the real success achieved with the test should mean that the number of cases decreases over time when infected people are found and isolated.

Perhaps Pence’s most ambitious claim regarding the briefing was his proposal that the country ended with the painful part of the pandemic.

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“Since we saw new cases rise and watched them very carefully, there may be a tendency among the American people to think that we have returned to where we were two months ago. There are huge losses and great troubles in the American people. The truth is a much better we are on the ground. “

Pence is still killing more than 500 Americans a day, although the current daily death rate is significantly lower than its peak. Unemployment rate in May was 13.3%.

In other words, loss and distress continue.

Maggie Fox from CNN contributed to this article.

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