Read on to get the new walk-in coronavirus test center

A new coronavirus testing center will open later this week as a result of the reading.

The new walk-in center will be based at Reading University but will help all people in the city get closer to the Covid-19 test where they will live.

It will be accessible only by cycling or walking, not by car and visitors will not have to pay in advance.

Julia Lopez, parliamentary secretary in the cabinet office, made the announcement during a debate in parliament on the MP exam.

He said: “I just want to be respected. Members of Reading East know that we are going to open a test site on campus in Reading next week. “

Former MP Matt Rodda said before the debate: “We have been waiting for some time for a new test center to teach, and this is a university town which is currently at the lower level but it can progress rapidly to the second level or even the top level even if the spread is not captured now. Is done.

“Students are told that they only have to travel 1.5 miles to the nearest test center, but in reality the nearest test center is in Newbury, which is more than 15 miles away.

“I know of reading residents who had to travel as far as the Welsh valleys and Texbury to take the test.

“Will he now investigate the need to speed up the arrangement of an examination center at the university of study?”

Ms Lopez made the announcement at the end of a parliamentary debate on the test and trace, and Mr Roda could not be reached for comment.

Speaking later at the local Democracy Reporting Service, Mr Roda said: “I am pleased that the new test center will open next week, at a time when local residents and students urgently need more testing capacity.

“I hope that Reading University and I raise this important issue with ministers at various times to help the government push for the government to expedite the opening of the center.”

A university spokesman added: “We are grateful to those who are working hard to bring new test sites to the university and to bring MP Matt Rhoda to the attention of ministers in Parliament.

“We welcome the Minister’s remarks in response and will continue to work with partners, including the Reading Borough Council and local health agencies, to facilitate a new test for the benefit of our students, staff and the entire reading community.”

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