“Reached a new milestone” in the United Kingdom, another step towards returning to normalcy

Today, control rules change for millions of British citizens. Coronavirus: In England, Wales and Scotland it is possible to meet in limited numbers even inside the house, hug each other, and visit restaurants and pubs while indoors. Travel restrictions will also be repealed and new rules will be introduced in their place.
We have reached a new stage on our way out of lockdown, but we need to take the next step with great caution.“Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.
The new rules come as the Indian version continues to spread in the country, but the Premier specified that it is necessary “Under strict control“And in the event of significant changes in the contours of contagion, there will be a counter-notification.

Me too France Many rules will change (from Wednesday): The curfew will be moved from 7 pm to 9 pm, you can go to an outdoor restaurant (not to exceed 50% of capacity and for 6 people per table) and participate in public outdoor terraces. Can take. The curfew will be lifted from 9 June at 11 PM and then from 30 June. Theaters will reopen, as will museums and theaters (they will be able to accommodate 35% of their maximum capacity, for a maximum total of 800 people).
In addition, in the Netherlands (from Wednesday) new, less stringent regulations will be applied, thanks to the trend in vaccination and reduced hospitalization.

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