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– Published on 01.05.2022, 22:48
– Benoit D.

Rdac en Vrac is returning this Sunday with this new issue. For those who don’t know it, remember that this is a Sunday section in which each of the site’s editors gives you their individual perspective on the past week. Crushes, rants, applauded media, and even personal anecdotes, are crisp without the jargon! So here is the 359th issue which covers the week from April 25 to May 1, 2022. Don’t forget to share your opinion on this week’s news with the entire community!

Benoit / BHZ Maiden

    his crush of the week

  • A few weeks ago, I had a rant about the games in Xbox Game Pass offer for the second half of April. And this time the offer comes in my favourite. Even though the XGP offering has almost always been a favorite, I really appreciated the upcoming releases or announcements in this catalogue. Big surprise with the arrival of NBA 2K22 which is quite strong. Then the announcement that Matchpoint Tennis Championships Day One or even a future Disney game with Disney Dreamlight Valley and Sniper Elite 5 arrive this month. In fact, I can’t think of a stronger offer than this. It’s so satisfying to watch the games on day one (and there are a lot of them).
    his mother

  • No rants for me this week.
    his story

  • This week, I’m working hard on improvements and developments on the Xbox Gamer site, and especially for you. One of them: adding the concept of Xbox Game Pass to the game sheet. In the plans section, you can also find the Game Pass logo to find out whether the game will be released directly to the service as soon as it is released. , Other new arrivals are coming!
    their favorite medium

  • I greatly appreciated the announcement of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and in particular the proposed artistic direction. It’s colorful, beautiful, hilarious, what a Disney!

Patrick / lenuldepic

    his crush of the week

  • What could be better news than the arrival of a big Xbox x Bethesda convention on June 12, despite the absence of E3? Well, that was to be expected and it’s not surprising, especially since Summer Game Fest is also coming up, but it’s always good to have confirmation, especially since I expect a lot from Starfield and even though I’m worried (We still haven’t seen anything about the title, it seems to me, when it’s supposed to be released in November – I think so), I’d like to see some gameplay, some history. Just as I can’t wait to see the release schedule for Xbox Studio and the (potential?) surprises Microsoft has in store for us with all the current acquisitions.
    his mother

  • I know, I shoot ambulances, and all of a sudden I shoot Games With Gold offers which is still ridiculous, from my point of view, with titles that aren’t very important and that can really draw the eye. are far away from him. We’re once again a long way from what the Xbox Game Pass offers and the major titles offered on the service. That Microsoft makes a decision and simply rejects the GwG offer to combine it with XGP… right?
    his story

  • Right now in the middle of testing Chernobylite, I’m sanding down the title. After sanding down the game for a day of review (didn’t get the game early enough to do a test all day), I’m currently finalizing the title and I have to admit that once again, Xbox-Gamer .net has made me discover a title that I probably would never have launched without doing so, especially because I’m not a fan of survival-horrors (Resident Evil suits me well!). And as the title is ultimately a survival game that mixes genres, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Final verdict in a few days with a few additional paragraphs from this famous opinion.
    their favorite medium

  • Well, I’m cheating a little, this isn’t real unreliable media but good news because tennis games are rare: Matchpoint Tennis Championships will be available on Xbox on July 7th, and most of all, the first day in Xbox Game Pass. I doubt the title is Top Spin or a . will be far from virtua-tennis, the animations don’t seem very Russian and I’m afraid we’re hardly in front of the right title, but I want to give it a chance because I’m very fond of tennis at the moment (real tennis, on many real courts, in competition And in leisure, even if I remain a beginner). Roland Garros is also coming soon and I just pray the game doesn’t deserve an outright bad Devilex title. That Torus Games listen to me and at least make a good game out of it?

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