Rayshard Brooks’s wife says she wants the officers to go to jail

Brooks’s family lawyer, Justin Miller, told CNN’s Ana Cabrera on Sunday that the first comment of a police officer after Rayshard Brooks’ fatal shot was “very disturbing”.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard told CNN, “After shooting, we had a chance to hear the officer’s first statement. And what the officer said was not his life being saved.”

Miller said that he and the family were aware of the “Got it” phrase.

This was very uncomfortable for myself, my husband Chris and his widow Tamika. “It’s very disturbing,” said Miller.

Miller also said that by discussing the autopsy, they did not see the report, but they knew some of the things that would be included in the report.

“We know he was shot twice at the back. He was at the back, once at the hips, and these shots killed him,” Miller said. Said.

Regarding the charges, Miller said, “This is somewhat different from George Floyd’s murder because it is still a murder, but the legality drops differently when there is a fight and a taser and then a person killed.”

As for Miller’s expecting the charges, he said, “probably not murder.”

“This is a very difficult thing to charge,” said Miller. “You know, you just look at other cases that are a little clearer, and you know, they’re deadly for the client, and they’re not charged with murder.”

Miller said it was good people and city leaders were taking steps to “reduce problems”.

“But this is not justice, and we never think it could be justice because a man’s life was taken, the children lost a father, and a wife lost a husband.”

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