RAS’s entry into the OAU, a “legal aberration” and a “historic anomaly”

The Pan-African Institute of Strategies (Peace-Security-Governance) held in Dakar this week an important symposium on the topic. Thinking about the prop question and promoting innovative solutions ».

This sub-regional event brought together around thirty experts, political figures, members of think tanks, academics and eminent members of West African civil society, with Senegal, Cape Town as the country’s representation. -Vert, Cte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mauritania.

The format of the seminar was brainstorming. The exercise made it possible to initiate a high-quality intellectual and scientific reflection while formulating innovative responses to the question of the Sahara, which constitute the brakes on Africa’s march towards progress, peace and Concord, the Pan-African Reports to the Communications Unit of the Institute of Strategies.

After noting that the AU, through its partisan acts, had actually opted for self-sacrificing jurisdiction in the process of resolving the Sahara issue, brainstorming immediately became part of the current dynamic. within the African and international community. Such dynamics recognize the superiority of the UN Security Council in the management of this recourse issue, points out the same source.

Thus, experts, political figures, members of think tanks, academics and eminent members of West African civil society convened in Dakar to rectify the legal aberration and historical anomaly. What is the entry rasd » Its maintenance within the Organization for African Unity (OAU), then in the African Union (AU), by initiating its effective suspension, as soon as possible, from the ranks of the Continental Organization.

Similarly, the speakers underscored the need to end the territorial dispute surrounding the Moroccan Sahara, which, according to them, is an obstacle to the socio-economic integration of the continent and a hindrance to the peace of the Sahelo-Saharan space.

This meeting (face-to-face and virtual) made it possible to salute and commemorate the historic work of the Casablanca Group and to call for the convening of a high-level meeting this year, in 2021, to celebrate its 60th anniversary. , which would be an occasion to launch a solemn appeal for the effective realization of the pan-African ideals of this group and its illustrious guest King Mohammed V.

He stressed that this call would make it possible to ask Africa to correct the historical anomaly formed by the legal aberration and entry of “rusad” within the OAU and then its maintenance in the AU.

At the end of the debate, the participants wished, through unanimous recommendations, that, beyond states’ policies and relations between nations, intellectuals and African civil society could seek to make their demands heard loud and clear. Peace, security, unity and unity of the continent.

It is therefore imperative to end the silence of intellectuals who, in large numbers, advocate the need to correct the historical anomaly and to correct the post-entry (illegal and illegitimate) maintenance (illegal and illegitimate) within the continental organization. Huh. He insisted, “logistics”, an institution that could not claim any of the qualities of an independent and sovereign state.

For the seminarians, it would be possible to rectify the discrepancy formed by the presence of the “rusad” within the au, and to begin its effective suspension, as soon as possible, to eliminate the desire, conscious or not, to “over-balkanize the continent”. Encourage and defend the All-African body from any attempt by political or ideological means.

He considered the resolution of the territorial dispute around the Sahara an essential first step for the economic construction of North Africa, a strategic partner for ECOWAS and a guarantor of trade liquidity between Africa and Europe.

The symposium also underlined that the responsibility of the African intelligentsia was fully engaged on all major issues concerning the continent, including the Sahara. In this sense, he called for mobilizing experts, civil society and think tank figures from across the continent to contribute to this new dynamic. Speaking of African intellectuals.

The Dakar seminarians, who studied and discussed in depth the autonomy plan drawn up by Morocco, ultimately called for support by the AU and its member states for a solution already hailed by the United Nations as “honest, credible and realistic”, Whose undeniable added value is its sense of compromise which is a fundamental African value.

He also praised Morocco’s African roots, which no longer need to be demonstrated, as well as its rapid economic growth that should be replicated rather than feared.

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