Rare ‘Earthgrazer’ meteorite returns Earth’s atmosphere back into space – RT World News

Rare 'Earthgrazer' meteorite returns Earth's atmosphere back into space - RT World News

An open source global network of stargazers has shared a remarkable footage that shows a rare ‘Earthgrazer’ meteor flickering through our planet’s atmosphere and avoiding certain consequences earlier this week.

‘Earthgrazer’ shines in the skies of northern Germany and the Netherlands at a height of just 21 cm below our revolving weather and TV satellite.

Unlike most meteorites that make up a ‘shooting star’ in the process, this particularly lucky fault in space rock, perhaps a comet or a piece of meteorite, comes back ‘back’ into space.

The lucky escape of the meteor rising from the burning torment was identified by the cameras of the Global Meteor Network, which has become an integral part of the Earth’s growing planet defense network.

GMN’s goal is to cover the world with weather surveillance cameras and inform the public about real-time rock activity in the near future.

“The network is essentially a decentralized scientific instrument, made up of amateur astronomers and civil scientists around the planet, each with its own camera system.” GMN founder Dennis Vida explains

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Originally an open source planetary defense organization, GMN provides data such as meteorological treasuries and orbits to both the public and the scientific community to further enhance our observation methods.

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The so-called ‘Earthgrazers’ are quite rare, occurring only a few times each year, during which time thousands of meteors burn, leaving only a few survivors and throwing them to the ground.

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