Rapidly increasing number of infections in Britain

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The whole of Europe is affected by the resumption of Kovid-19 at the beginning of summer. In the United Kingdom, the number of cases of contamination has exploded.

The new wave of COVID-19 is affecting the whole of Europe and especially the United Kingdom. “2.3 million Britons are positive for COVID, which is almost one in 30 Britons”Journalist Maëlys explains Septembre, correspondent in London (United Kingdom), on Friday 1 July. “The increase in the number of infections has been very rapid: +30% in just one week. Add to this the hospital pressure, which is also increasing. 9,000 hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients in England this week It’s taken… it’s double what we could see only a month ago”Journalists say.

“Several explanations are possible for the resumption of the epidemic. First, the subvariants of Omicron, ba4 and ba5, will spread more quickly. Second, the protection offered by vaccines begins to decline as the last dose received is now several months away.” Lastly, there is no compulsion to isolate yourself here, even if you are positive for COVID.”Maëlys Septembre says.

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