Ramtane Lamamara is a vassal of Polisario who wants to be the tribune of the Arab League

It is Algeria that should host the Arab League ordinary summit next March, in its third week, which could have already been part of the previous two years as plans were made for 2020. With the arrival of Dame Covid, the meeting was postponed. till 2022. So Algiers will be the host country of the next Arab summit, and will eventually become obsolete according to the principle of rotation and rotating presidency.

So far, nothing unusual and it is all to the credit of Algerians, except that good old Ramtane Lamamra, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and of the Algerian community abroad, has called it one of his favorite exercises of “providian” propaganda. Found useful in one. The French-speaking Algerian newspaper, L’Expression, the voice of their most patent master, to make the following statement, ” The next Arab summit will be a summit of inter-Arab solidarity and support for the Palestinian cause and the Saharawi people “. A statement to say the least apart from the very adulterated and outdated. The Algerian minister allows himself a decree, a pious will, while wishing to impose a regional agenda on the Arab countries.

Ramtane, apparently takes the Ummah for his platform and leaves that it does not reveal the internal affairs of the military dictatorship of Algeria, of which he is a voluntarily servant. It’s a “who rubs himself there, pricks himself” that might cost him some. Ramtane, this tribune of lost causes, in his inclination and in those of the regime he obeys and in his mad desire to awaken the spirits, moreover, at all costs to impose the voice of Polisario’s separatists internationally tries to. ,

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We have seen the consequences especially before the Security Council where in every attempt it faces a range of failures to setbacks. In Africa, they’re in the process of being expelled, so our man couldn’t ask for better than the summit of the Arab League for another stab in the water. Moroccan exploits the next Arab summit for the sole purpose of passing the political positions of “El Mouradia” on the issue of the Sahara, at a time when this meeting aims to be a regional reconciliation station for the convergence of views from afar. Ideological differences bother more than one member within the Ummah, not to say that almost all countries are building it.

In a contextual analysis of this context, Mohamed Bentalha Doukli, professor of political science at Cady Ayyad University (UCA) in Marrakech, told Hespress that ” The announcement made by the Algerian Foreign Minister in the daily L’Expression regarding the next Arab summit, which according to him will be a summit in favor of the Palestinian and Sahrawi people, is provocative and contrary to responsible ethics ,

Doukli would add that ” This clearly shows the degree of deviance and the suffering of Algerian diplomacy as a result of its gradual failures. ,

, This is a declaration with serious and incalculable consequences that should attract strong backlash from the Arab League and its members. “, he believes.

Political scientists will explain that ” polisario front Is not a member of the League of Arab States, which is considered a violation of the League’s charter.

Furthermore, for Mohamed Bentalha Doukli, Arab countries should boycott the summit that the Algerian government, for reckless actions, seeks neither less nor less than the irresponsible comments of the Algerian diplomatic representative. Applying internal agendas to the detriment of the Arab nation’s issues is political escalation.

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Professor of Political Science at Cady Ayyad University in Marrakech concluded his statement to Hespress by emphasizing that this is the media shouting ” The degree of psychological collapse of the Algerian regime is highlighted, which has taken the issue of discrimination and fragmentation as a definite ideological principle. ,

It is the shepherd’s reaction to the shepherd who thought of making this summit a bastion. , Algeria will play a major role in the upcoming Arab Summit. It will make every effort to take a consensual decision.” In the process of usurpation the vassals of a regime would say, To laugh at that is already under wraps. Time will tell!

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