Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Planet Sciences Occitanie: Internship Program

Planet Sciences is a popular science and technology education association. It allows the realization of scientific projects around the topic of space for audiences ranging from primary to higher education.

For children 7-13 years old, registration for 2022 courses is open:

“My Connected Weather Station” from February 21 to 25: Thanks to a Shock team, it’s a question of conceiving and building a weather station (thermometer, weather vane, barometer, etc.), allowing us to better understand our environment Can! And going forward, we will use sensors to collect a lot of information.

“Martian Mission” from February 28 to March 4 to explore the fascinating universe of Mars. This includes conducting experiments to better understand the Martian environment and envisioning an exploration mission (rockets, exploration robots) that would allow humans to explore it.

“Maker Music” from April 25 to 29: What’s the sound? Can we observe sound waves? Can we go at the speed of sound? What sound does the material produce? Trainees will have fun with sounds and objects and then create their own musical instruments. As a team, they will create musical compositions and record their own creations!

“Kites from Asia and elsewhere” from May 2 to May 6: A kite… flies! Yes, but it’s not that easy… You have to know how to defy the laws of the wind and use your creativity to imagine and make different types of kites. They will be tested outside and in groups.

Wednesday afternoons for 7-17 year olds

The Fab’Club is held on Wednesday afternoons and is aimed at 7-17 year olds who love to imagine, create, create objects, experiment. Every teen can join them and launch their weirdest projects, whatever their age! Programming robots, recycling objects, creating weather measuring devices, developing video games, designing drones or even giving free rein to your own artistic projects with state-of-the-art equipment… all at [email protected] it happens.

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To find it at: www.planete-sciences.org/midi-pyrenees/web/

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