Racism in Britain: Samuel Kasumu, Boris Johnson’s only black advisor, resigns

London – It is difficult to think that this is a coincidence, even if it is repeated by many parts that the decision must have been taken some time ago. The fact is that Samuel Kasumu’s resignation is Boris Johnson’s only top black consultant in Downing Street, with specific expertise related to minorities, which makes noise. Just twenty-four hours before the announcement to withdraw its steps, a government report was released which put an end to the so-called ‘structural racism’ in Britain.

“Unbearable” differences

In fact, government sources say, Kasumu’s resignation was introduced a week earlier and he attempted to leave in February itself. The region? The fact that the race issues at 10 Downing Street, he explained himself, had become “uncertain”. Last winter Kasamu had already expressed apprehension that conservatives heading the country were following a “strongly divisive policy”. “It is well documented that people of color or Asia vote very little for conservatives, despite the fact that they often share the same values ​​- he explained – what David Cameron achieved in 2015 with the latter. Turned away in elections. ”

To persuade them to stay so far, the minister was presiding over the vaccination campaign, Nadim Zahavi, who in recent weeks has used his help to convince minorities (especially the black one, but not only) to get vaccinated However, because it was found that these communities are more refractory or have more difficulty accessing vaccination centers.

Government: There is no structural racism

In 258 pages of the report released yesterday by the Commission on Ethnic and Racial Inequalities, we read that the term “structural racism” would be used “in a very casual way” and in factors such as that “socio-economic context, culture”. And religion will have a more significant effect “on the possibilities of the individual”. Shortly after the report surfaced, the government acknowledged that a “considerable” number of people – mostly minority groups – had actually told the commission that structural racism was a problem. Lord Voole, who directly appointed Kasumu when Theresa was prime minister, argues that Kasumu’s resignation would be a reaction to the report defined as “vile and divisive”. “The only black special advisor felt that the only tool for opposing this relationship – explained to Lord Voole – was to resign”. On the other hand, a friend of Kasumu denied that there is a connection between the resignation of the post and the findings of the commission.

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Meghan Markle’s complaint

This is not the first time, in a span of a month, that the issue of racism has hit the first pages of English newspapers. In recent weeks it was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, to talk about racism inside Buckingham Palace, and the unfortunate Archie’s skin color had become a “concern” for a member of the royal family. “We are far from being racist” was Prince William’s curt reply after some time.

Unjust justice

Beyond the Kasumu case, the government report was considered highly controversial by many parties (starting with the Labor Party). Among the most authoritative opinions certainly weighs in on former Chief Crown Prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who said he was deeply disappointed by the way the data was taken into account. “It is a fact – explained to the magistrate – that when it comes to justice, for example, if you are black it is 19 times more likely that you will be stopped and searched, you will be arrested, convicted. And more likely to be punished ”.

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