Rabat plans to renew “normal” relations with Berlin

Paris: Relations between Rabat and Berlin are improving. This Wednesday, Morocco said through a press release from the Moroccan Foreign Ministry that it appreciated the positive announcements and constructive positions recently made by the new German federal government. Moroccan diplomacy reacted An announcement of 13 December from the German Foreign Ministry andA note published on the Federal Government’s website concerning relations with Morocco.

specifically written that “ The Kingdom of Morocco, both politically, culturally and economically, is a link between the North and the South., She ,The country is an essential partner of Germany in the European Union and North Africa., a nation that hasmade extensive improvements and that”plays an important role for the stability and sustainable development of the region.”

On the thorny issue of Western Sahara we can read,The federal government’s position in this regard has remained unchanged for decades. Germany supports the individual envoy’s efforts to achieve a political outcome that is fair, sustainable and acceptable to all, based on Resolution 2602. [de 2021] of the United Nations Security Council. With its autonomy plan presented in 2007, Morocco made a significant contribution to such an agreement.,

The description, described as “plausible” by German media Deutsch Welle (DW), appeared on the site just days after Chancellor Olaf Scholz took office.

“These announcements make it possible to envisage a revival of bilateral cooperation and a return to normalcy of diplomatic representation of the two countries in Rabat and Berlin,” the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

The statement also added, “The Kingdom of Morocco hopes that these announcements will reflect a new position and will add to the action to mark a new beginning of a relationship based on clarity and mutual respect.”

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In early March, Rabat decided to suspend all relations with Berlin against a background of “deep misunderstandings”.

On 6 May, the Moroccan ambassador was recalled for consultation, with Berlin specifically charged with,hostile act,,

Sticking points include Germany’s position on Western Sahara, criticizing the US decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed region, but also bypassing Rabat in talks on the future. From Libya at a conference in Berlin in January 2020.

Germany is one of Morocco’s main economic and trading partners.

In 2019, it imported goods from Morocco for 1.4 billion euros and exported goods for 2.2 billion euros, according to official German figures.

Germany is one of the main bilateral donors with a total commitment of around €1.2 billion in 2020.

About 300 German companies are represented in Morocco.

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