Quidditch will change name to move away from JK Rowling

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Quidditch will change its name to move away from JK Rowling and her “anti-trans position” (players from Italy and Belgium compete during the July 2016 World Championships in Germany)

Game – Quidditch wants a nice sip of Polyjuice Potion. Original game, taken from the saga harry potter Where he is played on a broomstick in the air, he seeks to transform himself so as to no longer be associated with JK Rowling.

The author, who envisioned the super-popular game in her magical world, is no longer welcome on the field because of her “anti-trans” status, explains the US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch League in a joint press release. ,

“Our sport has built a reputation for being one of the most progressive in the world on gender equality and inclusivity”, explain these organizations, highlighting the fact that it is exclusively for a team made up of seven players. More than four players are prohibited. members of the same genre.

“It seems imperative for both of our organizations to live up to this reputation at all levels and we believe this is a step in the right direction” as JK Rowling “became increasingly outed for her anti-trans positions in recent years.” Huh”.

Teams all over the world

Getting rid of the Quidditch name could also go a long way in monetizing the game. For copyright issues with Warner Studios, who owns the rights to the universe harry potter, it is nearly impossible to negotiate sports participation or television broadcasts at the moment.

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Adapted from the saga, the game saw the light of day in the real world in 2005 and follows the same rules as the books and movies. Two teams of seven players on a broomstick compete on an oval field with three rings at each end at different heights in the form of a goal. To win a match, you have to score maximum points or catch the snitch.

The sport is particularly popular in the United States at universities such as Berkeley or UCLA, and teams are now present in several countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and France.

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