Queues for petrol in the UK

Long lines formed in front of petrol stations across Britain on Saturday after some were closed due to a lack of passengers to fetch crude. The queues that started after major oil companies closed some petrol stations on Friday also led to cornering of many motorists, who were worried about running out of petrol.

However, the British government is looking for a solution to the problem and, as it has written Reuters, may change some immigration rules to try to ease restrictions for foreign truck drivers.

Queues broke out in front of gas stations on Friday after some oil companies, including BP and Shell, closed several gas stations due to fuel shortages. In the United Kingdom, a severe logistics crisis has been ongoing for months, one of various consequences of Brexit and mainly caused by a lack of hauler: in this case, there is not enough to bring fuel to all distributors. .


In fact, as pointed out by the British government, fuel shortages would not be so severe these days: closed distributors are a minority. The problem, however, is that many British motorists, for fear of running out of petrol, have decided to refuel sooner, leading to long queues and actually jeopardizing fuel supplies.

In many areas, particularly in England, queues in front of petrol stations were long enough to get in the way, Bedforshire County Police in north London wrote on Twitter.

Other announcements related to the logistics crisis have contributed to the concern of British citizens: for example, a well-known association of merchants said on Friday that hauler shortages pose a risk that many groceries will be sold in supermarkets during the Christmas period. Will not done. .

Queue in front of a gas station in Northwich (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

To try to remedy the situation, the government is considering the possibility of setting up a temporary visa to allow a few thousand foreign riders to work in the UK. However, no official announcement has been made for now.

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