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Maison Darnis de Bétaille’s eyes are full of stars.

“This is an idea of ​​Thomas Peskett following the PROXIMA mission. He presented the idea to CNES to use gingerbread as padding in transport boxes to optimize the amount of food on board space flights and reduce the amount of non-recycled packaging. The creator of Gingerbread. A gourmet delight if there is one, which will open a new spatial chapter in its history.

“The items, typically protected from vibration by foam, will be placed in fire-resistant, double-layer fabric boxes during the ESA Alpha mission, which will contain other products from our gingerbread and coworkers. Artisans.” Astronauts will be able to feast on their taste buds before turning the transport boxes and thus having fun, limiting the congestion at the International Space Station (ISS)! We were approached by a CNES team through Richard Philippi last year to participate in this experience. They wanted to use homemade gingerbread. The composition, taste and especially the softness of our gingerbread attracted their attention. In this way our plain gingerbread and our gingerbread gingerbread were chosen to go into space for our greatest glory! »Tells the expert of fresh gingerbread at the Coupe de Betal. The quirky gingerbread space odyssey may begin and we will follow it with gusto!

> La Maison Darnis is a family and artisan factory built in Betal in 1995. Located in the Dordogne Valley, a few kilometers from the most beautiful villages in France such as the Carnac, Autoair, Lobresque and symbol sites such as the City de Rocamadour and the Goughre de Padre. Maison Darnis designs her products with passion and authenticity. 25 years. The workshop, set up and directed by Didier and Nicole Darnis, prepares several gourmet specialties of gingerbread and honey-based cookies every day according to traditional and family information. Maison Darnis has a shop on the production workshop in Bétaille, a museum in “La Maison des Abeilles” Rocamadour, which is a delight for visitors to the famous medieval city every year, as well as a shop in line: www. le- pain-d-epice-du-quercy.com

> All Maison Darnis Gingerbreads are made without glucose syrup, additives, dyes and preservatives. The basic ingredients are honey and wheat flour. Preparation is done according to the rules of a secret manufacturing process which is kept secret. The obtained dough is then left to stand and then placed in molds before cooking at a very slow speed and at low temperature. This recipe gives our products unique and unusable features: a delicate soft texture, generous and delicious aroma as well as a brilliant brown color.

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