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Queen Windsor left Castle this morning just hours before the lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson took effect. The king later wore sunglasses in a car and a sambar black dress.

The king was seen in public for the first time after the announcement of the death of his cousin and close friend Lady Elizabeth Shaker.

The Queen is spending her second national lockdown at Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip and a very small number of their staff members, known as the HMS Bubble.

However, he is expected to appear in public over the weekend, when the country celebrates in remembrance on Sunday.

On this day, a limited number of royals must take part in a fall-down, social-distance and closed ceremony at the Cenotaph in London to pay their respects to the fall.

Quinn will likely oversee the ceremony from a balcony on Whitehall, and the Prince of Wales will lead the country in a two-minute silence.

The King and the Duke of Edinburgh have already spent the first lockdown together at their home in Berkshire.

On 19 March, the Queen and Duke arrived in Windsor from Buckingham Palace and Sandringham, respectively, and began a five-month long period of self-separation.

During these weeks, Raja continued to work, held weekly meetings with the Prime Minister by phone call, and received the red government box on a daily basis.

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The princess was the first to identify personally by taking part in the royal engagement through a conference.

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During the engagement, he spoke with members of the Careers Trust and Princess Annie.

In June, Queen Windsor took part in a striped down trouping color parade at Castle Square.

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In July, as the nationwide lockdown began to ease, the Queen invited Sir Captain Tom Moore to her first face-to-face ceremony in mid-March.

On the same day, the Queen also attended the secret wedding of Princess Beatrice and Eduardo Maple Mozzie, celebrated in Windsor, in front of a handful of guests.

The king and her 722-year-old husband left for Balmoral Castle in early August.

There, they kept in mind the official guidelines with a few royal guests, including Cambridge and Wessex.

In mid-September, the elderly couple moved to Norfolk together, where they spent a few weeks in private at the Wood Cottage.

The king left her husband as her main residence in early August 2017 in early October to restore her royal duties.

The Queen has been working from Windsor for the past few weeks – she has also resumed her royal tour while visiting Porton with Prince William to meet staff and open a new Energetics Analysis Center.

The Queen reunited with her husband last weekend, just before Mr Johnson’s lockdown announcement, when she traveled to Sandringham to meet Prince Philip.

The couple returned on Monday to signal that they would be reunited as England closed all its unnecessary shops, restaurants and pubs.

The new lockdown is set to begin on Thursday, November 5 at 00.01 and end on Wednesday, December 2 at 00.01.

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After these four weeks, England will again be divided into more stratified regions according to the level of infection.

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