Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee in 10 Crazy Figures

By Colin Porhale , Posted on 06/08/2022 at 14:23 | Updated on 08/06/2022 at 14:34

Celebrations of the British monarch’s 70-year reign ended on Sunday, but the time has come to take stock. Lepetitjournal.com lists the ten figures you need to figure out the extent of a weekend’s festivities: the amount of meters of cloth and glasses of champagne, the number of businesses or tourists in the hotel area.


The number of foreign tourists welcomed by Heathrow between Wednesday and Sunday. Let’s hope for them that the scenes of chaos reigning at airports haven’t left them traumatised.


Quantity of Champagne Coupes sold by Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly. What feeds some more rumors about the good ancestry of the British. At pubs or airports for that matter.


Number of street parties across the UK. Even though not one has become as famous as the one held by Boris Johnson during his imprisonment.


The percentage of women of the Jubilee generation – those born in 1952 – are still alive today. Indestructible, this is English.


The cost of private jet travel for Harry and Meghan, who return to California before the end of the festivities. There isn’t much greener than a former prince who claims to be a great defender of the environment.


Number of yards of red, white, and blue floral fabric sold by Liberty. Another effect of imprisonment, during which sewing came into play again?


Expected business for the entire hospitality sector in the United Kingdom during the festive weekend. Help more than welcome in a crisis situation.

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Commonwealth capitals lit up with lights to pay tribute to the Queen. Also in France, symbolic buildings were illuminated on the banks of the Hauts-de-France facing the archipelago, mirroring the bonfires lit in the United Kingdom.


The number of people needed to clean up the royal parks after the concert at Buckingham Palace. Thank them


Number of events held in British territory. Needless to say, the British know how to party.

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