Queen Elizabeth’s hidden treasure, anarchy in Britain

Following an investigation by the Guardian, Queen Elizabeth’s hidden treasure is talked about in these hours in Great Britain.

For some time now, the British tabloids have begun to deal with finances Queen Elizabeth And royalty, as well as his personal life and curiosity about him. It all started when Guardian Published the result of an investigation of the sovereign’s work. In it, in fact, it is claimed that the queen would have forced Parliament to approve certain laws that favor the royal family and not allow them to reveal the value of the inheritance.

The legislation under consideration was passed in 1972, when Parliament was struggling for transparency on the accounts of the royal family. The Queen opposed this request, managing to influence Parliament on the issue of maintaining this privilege. By the 1990s, the queen had also managed to exclude the family from paying taxes, but recently parliament approved taxation of income derived from royals.

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Queen Elizabeth has a hidden treasure, tabloids are demanding that it be revealed

From Buckingham Palace, they deny the Crown’s interference in the work of Parliament and recall how the Constitution establishes that the sovereign cannot stop the promotion of a law or ensure that one is approved. For documents that would prove the Queen’s intervention from the royal palace, they state that these are the notes of Elizabeth’s advisors. Explaining how the sovereign is allowed to express his opinion on the legislation being discussed in Parliament.

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For royal patronage, compensation paid to the royalty is known every year: for example, it is known that the queen receives 80 million euros a year from the parliament. We know the value of Fort Gems (3 billion Euros), which is Castle of Castle Balmoral (115 million Euros) and the residence of Sandringham (53 million Euros). Everyone also knows that the queen owns Crown Estate, Or a range of real estate in London and the rest of the country, with an estimated value of EUR 11 billion. The rent of these properties earns the queen about 330 million euros every year. According to some estimates, the total wealth of the royal family would be around 72 billion euros. This figure may be very high but cannot be verified by law.

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