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The extraordinary story of a Jew, Charles Grinblatt, born in 1950 in the United Kingdom, where his mother, abandoned by her husband, took refuge in Germany during the rise of the Nazis, Official Photographer of England’s Queen Elizabeth II became…

Charles grew up in great poverty and in 1960 his mother decided to move to Israel to provide him with a better future and especially Jewish education.

He discovered a passion for filmmaking and photography. But at that time Israel gave less opportunities in this career. Charles then returned to London to attend the London School of Film Technique. He is very talented, receives scholarships from all the major professional photographic institutions and becomes one of the most prestigious painters in the world, by the name of Charles Green, which is why he was asked to apply for an official position by Buckingham Palace. was invited. Photographer of Queen Elizabeth II.

“No problem for us,” they reply to him when he directly states that he is a practicing Jew and will not be able to work on Shabbat. Greene wins the contract and will keep it for 20 years, is the author of famous portraits of the Queen, but also the author of official events at the palace.

Today Charles lives in Netanya with his wife and has just released a book, My Journey to Buckingham Palace and Beyond, which is filled with photographs of not only the Queen but many celebrities, conceived by Greene. Agree to participate in a charity photographic event. At the dawn of the year 2000.

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