Queen Elizabeth II will remember the Epsom Derby for her birth anniversary

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While Queen Elizabeth II is currently celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, which marks her 70 years on the thrones of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, she will miss the prestigious horse race of the Epsom Derby, an appointment she is destined for. (File photo taken in June 2018 at the Epsom Derby).

Crowned – It wasn’t the most important event of the weekend, but it was especially close to his heart. On Friday 3 June, the evening of the second day of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, services at Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen and Commonwealth of the United Kingdom would not participate in the prestigious horse show Epsom Derby.

A symbolic absence for a monarch, who has been absent from the race only three times since his coronation, has been disputed since the late 18th century and which forms part of an extremely popular triptych across the Channel, the “Triple Crown”.

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Including this 2022 edition, Queen Elizabeth II has only missed the Epsom Derby three times, a much-coveted horse racing meet (archive photo taken in 1974).

In a press release that does not elaborate on the reasons for Elizabeth II’s absence – even though her health may have played a role – Buckingham Palace specifies that the Queen will be represented by her daughter, Anne. The monarch would be satisfied to watch the race on television from Windsor Castle.

He will still be honored.

Because the Epsom Derby is far from trivial for the great horse enthusiast Elizabeth II, who dreams of seeing one of her horses win there, a feat never before (in 1953, two days after her coronation, her horses One of them had kept the other). And it will not be for this year, which marks his 70th anniversary on the throne of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, as it is known that “Just Fine”, his last horse still in the race, has been removed from the list. Of departure.

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A legendary horse owner, Elizabeth II never won the Epsom Derby (file photo taken in June 1988).

However, the Queen will remain at the center of this great equestrian event despite her absence. It is indeed expected that the dozens of jockeys who have ridden their horses will form a guard of honor to pay tribute to them and many of their “retired” horses are paraded in front of the crowded stands of the racecourse in south-west London. will do. ,

In addition, famed jockey Lester Piggott, nine-time winner of the Derby (and riding the horse of Elizabeth II who came in second in 1953), who died a week earlier, will also be honored. In 2019, it was Sovereign who personally inaugurated a statue paying tribute to him at Epsom Racecourse.

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