Queen Elizabeth II News: Late return to Buckingham Palace raises health concerns. Royal | News

Queen Elizabeth II News: Late return to Buckingham Palace raises health concerns.  Royal |  News

Instead King will stay on his Sandringham estate before moving to Windsor Castle. This is expected to be the longest time she has spent away from her initial residence since becoming queen.

Every year the Queen moves to her balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire during the summer months.

Normally, after leaving, he returned to Buckingham Palace in central London in October.

However, the Queen’s plans have been changed this year for a coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to the public, a palace spokesman said the king and her husband, Prince Philip, would instead “spend time privately on the Sunderingham Estate”.

Queen Balmral is reported to be moving to her Sunderingham estate (Image: GETTY)


Queen Nighting Captain Thomas Moore for his NHS fundraiser (Image: GETTY)

Due to their age, 94 and 99, respectively, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are considered at high risk from COVID-19.

Several princess fans on social media have expressed concern over the health and safety of the royal couple due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

One Twitter user commented: “The plan is understandable. They are both quite old and need to be extra careful with COID.

Another US-based account said: “Keep him safe in the UK.”

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The Queen has spent her summer breaks in Balmoral, Scotland (Image: GETTY)

The Canadian province of British Columbia responded to the news in this third account: “Good news. He can reign for a long time. The longer, the better.

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Back in March, Queen moved to Windsor Castle, where a deadly infection spread across the country.

The government announced on Tuesday that more than six social gatherings would be banned in England for fear of intensifying the second coronavirus wave.

Penalties will be introduced for those who start with the 100 rule, then doubled to অপরাধ 3,200 for the offense.

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Queen Windsor Castle Lockdown (pre-virus image) (Image: GETTY)


Prince Charles captured COVID-19 in March (Image: GETTY)

A royal source speaking to the Sunday Times said: “There is a desire to run Buckingham Palace as a functional palace again, but all relevant advice is understood only if it is appropriate to do so.”

Discussions are also underway on how the Queen can safely take part in Britain’s Remembrance Day celebrations in November.

Quinn usually lays wreaths at Whitehall’s Senotaf with senior politicians, religious leaders and Commonwealth High Commissioners.

Prince Charles has already brushed off the Royal Family’s COVID-19 due to bringing back the infection in March.

The future king reported only mild symptoms and then made a full recovery.


There are fears that Britain may face a second COVID-19 wave (Image: GETTY)

Back in April, Queen Cornavirus gave a strong message to the nation, frustrated by the epidemic.

He said: “This time we join hands with all countries around the world in a common effort, using our innate empathy for the great advancement of science and healing.

“We will succeed – and that success will belong to each of us.

“We should feel comfortable that the better days we have endured will return: we will be with our friends again; We will be with our families again; We’ll meet again. “

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