Queen causes a scandal – reprimand for passive climate politicians


Queen causes a scandal – reprimand for passive climate politicians

Queen walks in public on sticks for the first time in 17 years

Queen walks in public on sticks for the first time in 17 years

During her public appearances, Queen Elizabeth II can always be seen with a hat and often with a brooch. However, on Tuesday, the British monarch showed up with an assistant she hasn’t seen for nearly 17 years: a stick.

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The Queen is dissatisfied with the commitment of politicians to climate protection. It reveals a microphone glitch: “Words, not deeds”.

Cardiff. NS Queen is back – and how! In cardiff She attended the opening ceremony of the Welsh Parliament. This was the second time she was in public stores Gone – but the 95-year-old was in top form. She walked the red carpet in a pink coat with a matching hat.

Unlike the others, he did without a Mask. He greeted politicians in a good mood, joked and talked. This was his first visit to this part of Britain in five years.

But then it shows itself from the cutting side – and gives politicians who are about to save the climate, feet. She says that if people “just talk but don’t act,” it would be upsetting. Also interesting:Black Lives Matter: This is what the Queen thinks about the movement

otherwise the queen wouldn’t interfere

so he took care of you ScandalIt is forbidden for them to make statements on political issues. Your role is purely representative. In opening of parliament For example, in London, she reads a text given to her by the incumbent prime minister. When she once wore a blue hat with stars, it was already going too far for many. so he made himself to live in Me stark?

Indeed, fell under the reprimand of the queen Wales in private conversation with daughter-in-law Duchess Camillawho accompanied him, and the Speaker of Parliament, Elin Jones. They were not aware that their discussion was being recorded by microphone and thus could be heard on the live stream of the ceremony.

The conversation was about the United Nations Climate Conference COP26 In Glasgow, that starts in two weeks. Queen wants to run as heir to the throne prinz charlesMILF Duchess Camilla, Prince William And Duchess Kate.

Prince William criticized billionaires

But the queen is unhappy with the current situation guest list. “I hear all about COP,” she says. “I still don’t know who’s coming. I don’t know.” Then she turns to politician Jones: “So far we only know of those who don’t.” Jones agrees with the Queen: “Absolutely – and it’s time to act.”

Now politicians bring the language to Prince William. Like the future king had billionaires Jeff Bezos Criticized those who shot themselves and wealthy tourists into space. “There is no need to go to space,” the Queen’s grandson told the BBC. “The brightest minds in the world should focus on fixing this planet rather than trying to change the next.” Read here:Harry and William: why their feud puts the monarchy in danger

He also expressed concern about climate conference “There may be clever words but not enough deeds”. While Jones talks about it, the Queen smiles proudly – and says: “Yeah, I read about it.”

Harry and Meghan in private jet

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps hastened to comment on the Queen’s statements. He rejected the suggestion that the list of participants was poor. “We Know Hundreds of Leaders Are Going After the COP” Glasgow “I think that personal statement should remain private, but we would all like to see more progress[on climate protection],” he told Sky News.

There is a lot of excitement for Rani on social media. “He is so right,” writes John Harvey. “Keep up the good work, your glory. Another writes: “I am not a royal person but a huge fan of big, broad-conscious women with a pinch. GiftThe “Daily Mail” newspaper is completely satisfied with the Queen’s appearance: “The Queen looks radiant in pink,” cheered the paper. Verdict: “Royally credible”.

Perhaps some heads of government would be taken to attend after the Queen’s rebuke. Commitments from Russia (Vladimir Putin), if (Narendra Modi), China (Xi Jinping) and Brazil (Jair Bolsonaro) are still pending, among others. At least Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison must hurry now: as the head of state of a Commonwealth country, the Queen is his master.

even the renegade royals Prince Harry And Herzogin Meghan beat yourself. However, they propagate in the water and fly private jet – They didn’t want to take a scheduled flight for a short trip to the charitable “Global Citizens” concert in New York. According to one study, Los Angeles CO. their flight from2 Like an average person in a year. Also interesting:Duchess Meghan turns 40: admired, envious and hated!

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