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The On4-year-old princess returned to business after her first public engagement outside the royal residence since the carnivorous epidemic suddenly gripped the nation. He joined his granddaughter, the Duke of Cambridge, at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, near Salisbury, to meet with scientists who have been instrumental in the UK’s response to the outbreak of Cowvid-19.

However, the pair did not wear a mask during the inspection.

Journalist Darren McCaffrey tweeted: “Queen, a future king and a policeman – but not masked.

“Should they set an example and wear one?”

Martin McHugh replied: “They should be one hundred percent. Your age doesn’t matter who you are.”

Collette Jones said: “So frustrated with their behavior. They’re supposed to be role models.”

Royal author Amid Scooby commented: “Intelligent and safe warnings were clearly created, but I’m concerned that most people who see the photos / videos will not know the story behind them.

“Since the lion’s share of the UK has entered strict restrictions, there was a strong view of leaders in masks.”

Meanwhile, the anti-monarchy group, Republic, tweeted: “Do the rules work that way?”

Republican chief executive Graham Smith, who has campaigned for an elected head of state, said: “The Queen should set an example.

“I don’t see how it fits with the rules that everyone else is expected to follow, so the palace needs to come up with a rule-paragraph explanation.”

State commentator Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, said Queen and William would be inevitably criticized, but the medical advice was followed carefully.

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He said: “The Queen and the Duke of Cambridge will inevitably be criticized for not covering their faces, but medical advice was sought when planning the royal visit and maintaining social distances,” Mr Little said.

He described the Queen’s engagement during the global epidemic as providing “visible and timely reassurance”.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: “In order to work closely with the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, specific advice has been sought from the treatment household and relevant parties and to take all necessary precautions.”

The Salisbury busyness came amid a resurgence of the virus, the country is battling a second wave and has imposed strict restrictions in some places.

Certain internal settings such as public transport, shops and places of worship require face cover by law.

The government recommends wearing face masks in indoor areas where social distance can be a problem and where the public does not usually come in contact with them.

Queen March was the last in public relations outside the royal residence when she joined the Royal Family for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

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