Quebec extended cold weather to January

Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 2:07 pm – Unless they can have fun in the snow, Quebeckers won’t have to worry too much about frostbite until January.

In summary:

  • Cold is to set slow
  • Little cold case
  • 2021 will be light

Cold is to set slow

The month of December was marked by unusually mild temperatures, with the exception of the cold snap that ran from 15 to 19 December. However, it will not survive the cold, as the period of mildness will extend until Christmas.

Such episodes of long-lasting lightheadedness with cold travelers foreshadow that the winter season will be shorter this year, as it is much harder to establish in the cold. Currently, the polar vortex – the heart of cold – is divided between the Northwest region and Russia. Tempering temperatures are -40 ° C.

Little cold case

For the holiday season, a low pressure system that will pass over the province from December 24 to 25 will be followed by another cold snap, which is expected to expand from December 26 to 28. However, it would not be comparable to the biting cold we experienced in the middle of the month.


For southern Quebec the maximum should be around -8 ° C. The normal time of year is -5 ° C. But, it will be more important for municipalities located north of the river, where a review of -30 ° C is likely.

2021 will be light

After 28 December, we should see the return of sweetness lasting until the King’s feast, a moment that usually marks the beginning of winter’s heart.

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The polar vortex will be confined to the west of the continent, so mildness will spread on the east coast. This mild weather for the first seven days of the month is expected to translate into a temperature of three degrees above normal for the entire province.


Heart of winter: what does it mean?

In Quebec, the heart of winter usually begins on Kings Day and ends on Valentine’s Day. This is the lowest and coldest part of the season. It is also, generally, within the period that we find the first day when the mercury goes below -30 ° C and where 60% is the coldest day found.

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