Quarantine reduced in UK, Hungary towards the fourth dose

With the infection curve easing for a few days, France has reopened its doors to the British, allowing all vaccinated people to enter, even for non-essential trips And on the condition that, in the last 24 hours, he has tested negative. Thus the EU countries have raised one of the many obstacles in relation to non-European citizens and within the Union itself, causing heads of EU institutions to turn up their noses, constantly calling for closer coordination. Huh. But if the new version seems to have loosened its grip on Great Britain in the Union, the Omicron emergency is more relevant than ever. From Friday, those who are vaccinated do not need a significant reason to cross the English Channel and go to Great Britain. A negative test before 24 hours will suffice. However, unvaccinated people will need a good reason to move and still undergo a 10-day quarantine upon arrival in the larger British Isles.

Hungary grabs the “fourth”

In Hungary, the vaccination campaign continues during the preparation for the fourth dose. It won’t be mandatory but the fear of the omicron wave suggests it. The specialist will evaluate the immunological results 4 to 5 months after the third dose to determine when to do the fourth booster.

travel to europe

Traveling between the capitals of the old continent is still an enigma. According to the latest update provided by the EU Commission – each measure should be notified to Palazzo Berlemont – several countries have implemented additional restrictions on green passes for entry into their territories.

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– Austria. Only those taking the third dose of the vaccine by January 31 can enter it without presenting a negative test. Non-vaccinated and unvaccinated people are forced into quarantine, which is also required for anyone arriving from the Netherlands or Denmark, which are considered areas with very high levels of contagion.

– Bulgaria. Anyone coming from red zones (as per ECDC maps) other than green passes will have to submit a negative swab taken after the last 72 hours. The measures are effective from January 7 and can be extended on a weekly basis.

– Denmark. By January 17, it is mandatory for everyone to undergo a PCR or antigen test before reaching the North European country.

– Finland. Entry is prohibited for non-vaccinated people (if they do not recover from COVID). As for vaccination, the measures taken by January 16 provide for a mandatory rapid test before arrival.

– Greece. As of January 24, all visitors must submit a PCR test or accelerated test within 72 to 24 hours of arrival.

– Italy. Anyone who enters will have to take a molecular or rapid swab 48 or 24 hours before arrival by January 31. A 5-day quarantine is mandatory for those who do not get vaccinated.

– Portugal. Green pass and pre-departure buffer is mandatory for all till at least 9th February.

– Sweden, Foreign residents, regardless of their country of origin or the vaccine course, must all submit a negative COVID test upon arrival. The measures – on which the EU is in contact with Stockholm – currently have no time frame. It is not an EU country, but Switzerland also shares its information with Brussels, which requires everyone to have a rapid or molecular swab before entering the alpine country and for those who do not have a vaccine. The second test takes place 4-7 days after arrival. , Exceptions are expected for cross-border individuals.

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