Quarantine for returning citizens, Mourinho: ‘Clubs should protect themselves, Klopp is right’

The Tottenham coach talks about the controversy related to the risk of quarantine when he returns to Great Britain for some of the players in the national team: “I want to understand what will happen but the clubs have the right to defend themselves. Klopp is right. The club. Are paying “

Programs of 27 days duration, first phase

Klopp is right, players pay clubs“Without this Jose Mourinho He has spoken of the possible risk of some of his players returning from commitments with their respective national teams to return to Great Britain with summons. The Tottenham manager agreed with the idea of ​​his colleague from Liverpool, who had explained that he understood the needs of the various unions, outlining how the period would not let everyone be happy. “Right now, however, I don’t want to just focus on the national team break and the departure of the players,” I like to understand what will happen“The idea of ​​Special One.

“Let’s see what will happen and where it will be played”


Defeat and salvation matter, red fast in crisis

The idea is specifically Brazil-Argentina, Scheduled for March 30. According to the anti-Kovid provisions currently in force in the United Kingdom, those coming from countries included in the health list (especially South America, Portugal and parts of Africa) must undergo a 10-day quarantine in a hotel room . “Do you know that Argentina-Brazil will be played in South America or maybe in London? I do not know – Mourinho says – I know Portugal will play Turin in Spain and Norway. I do not know anything else. Let us see what will happen and where it will be played. Of course, clubs have the right to protect themselves“.

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Klopp: “We Can’t Start Players”

Mourinho’s thinking is like that of other colleagues who coach in the Premier League Stop, Guardiola I Solskjaer. “I think all clubs agree on this aspect – there was a warning from the Liverpool manager in the middle of the week – because they all have the same problem and can’t start the players as if nothing had happened.” According to FIFA, national team players are exempted from certain obligationsBut in Great britain Not all local authorities followed the Federation’s thinking. “We couldn’t let them go – underlined clipped – and then find ourselves in a situation where they have to stay in quarantine for 10 days: I don’t think it’s possible“.

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