Quarantine at the Hotel: “This is a gross injustice to vaccinated snowbirds”

Snodbirds who have already received their two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are asking to be able to quarantine at home instead of a hotel when they return to Quebec by plane.

“A vaccinated snowbird should not go to a hotel. We are not asking for an exemption. What we are asking is the same treatment as those crossing the land boundary, ”said Christine Fontaine in an interview with Denis Levesque on LCN’s air route.

To avoid going into isolation at the hotel on the return of Quebec soil, Christine Fontaine and her husband flew from New York State to Florida to Plattsburgh, then took a taxi that took them to the border.

They walked by customs before returning to their car which friends brought to a nearby parking lot.

“It is not breaking the law, it is permitted by law, so there are a lot of people who do it”, assured Ms. Fontaine, who is now in quarantine at her residence.

She argues that snowboards do not want to avoid health regulations by asking for quarantine at home rather than at a hotel.

“On the contrary, it was to say, listen, we live in our own residences, we are doubly vaccinated, all we want is that we not be forced to go to the hotel with complete security in our own things Stay at home. ”He said.

Christine Fontaine said, “This is a gross injustice, caused by snowboards coming from airplanes and which must pay astronomical prices to the hotel”.

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