Qualcomm: First PC equipped with Nuvia chip, competitor to M1, by 2023

The first PCs equipped with Qualcomm’s futuristic chip based on Nuvia’s work should be released by the end of next year. Founder CEO Cristiano Amon explained during the presentation of the company’s results that the first test copies of this chip will be sent to partner manufacturers during the second half of 2022, making it possible to find out more. Why chip?

credit: Qualcomm

Nuvia, a start-up created by former Apple employees, was bought by Qualcomm in January 2021. It was originally intended to develop ARM-based chips for servers, but the new owner wants to cross swords with Apple and the M1 chip in consumer products. , A month after receiving the Nuvia, Cristiano Amon made no secret of his ambitions:

Qualcomm promises a chip as powerful as the Mac’s M1, with help from the former Apple

It must be said that Qualcomm’s previous efforts in the ARM chip area for Windows have produced mixed results, to say the least, including models developed with Microsoft (SQ1 and SQ2 for Surface X). Far from the performance of the M1-equipped Macs in any case.

During a Qualcomm conference last November.

This commercial launch, scheduled for the end of 2023, coincides with the roadmap announced last November. Still, Foundry may be a train behind Apple, which would have spent a second with the M2 chip.

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