Publishers and booksellers have confidence in the near future

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Right on the main world book markets. The region’s imperviousness to the health crisis, a trend seen in 2020 in France as well as Germany, Italy but also in China and the United States, continues from the beginning of the year.

In France, booksellers are gearing up for the start of the school year. Anne Martel, president of the Syndicat de la Library Fran├žaise, noted a good rebound. The first surveys conducted among bookstores, which represent two-thirds of the sector’s turnover, showed a 55.3% increase in sales in the first half of 2021 compared to 2020 – a year marked by several months of closures linked to the pandemic. marked with. This increase is 25% compared to the first six months of 2019 (disrupted by the movement of the “yellow vest”) and 6% compared to the “normal” first half of 2018. An undeniable improvement, even if June 2021 has shown signs. from running out of steam.

remarkable performance

Anne Martel predicted “A good literary beginning, open, especially should not vampire any writer” Purchase. The only downside comes from the number of novels, 521 which includes 75 early novels: ” it’s too much, she says, a game will surely go to acehandjob This is neither good for the authors nor for the booksellers. “

after a drop “Implied” According to the National Publishing Union, publishers’ turnover grew by 2.36% from last year to EUR 2.74 billion, with the rebound becoming apparent. The two main French players, Lagardere Publishing and Editis, have published a good health report, showing their half-year turnover, respectively, compared to 2020, with a growth of 16.4% to 1.13 billion euros. 42%, 372 million euros for the second. Lagardre’s publishing division performed highly notably in France (+26.9% of sales), the United States (+14.8%) and the United Kingdom (+17.3%), but fell to 4, 5% in South America.

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The French subsidiary of Lagardre is driven by good momentum in practical books, children’s books and literature, while the Vivendi subsidiary entered eight books in the GfK ranking of twenty best selling in the first half of the year. The profitability of both the competitively and capitalistically connected groups also improved.

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