“Public officials should organize vaccinodrome, according to herologist Fleurie”

Vaccination against Kovid-19 begins on Monday, January 4, at Perennius-Atlantic and Charent-Maritime, and from Wednesday at the Girondins Nursing Home. Herve Fleury, a Virologist and Professor Emeritus at CNRS, was a Monday morning guest on TV7.

“I think the beginning of this vaccination campaign is very slow, as reported by the President of the Republic, moreover, we are in 500 vaccinations, while Germany is not far from 200,000. Vaccination. The most effective is Israel, which has Have vaccinated a million people. We look pale, “he analyzes.”

Virologists strongly defend vaccination. “We must act quickly and hard and vaccinate as many people as possible,” he continues. Public officials should organize vaccinodromes, such as in Germany. “

“We should beware of the new English virus”

On the lethargy of the vaccination campaign, the researcher particularly emphasizes technical issues. “Our flagship vaccine, Pfizer-Bayonet, can be stored at -70 °, so it is very complex to manage. The mod, which will soon arrive in Europe, is simple, as it can be stored at room temperature. Is. They use in Israel. “

What about the new tension directly from Britain? “I think this virus is more easily transmitted. We should be wary of it. At the moment, these mutants are not immune to vaccination, but it should not change,” answers Harev Fleury.

The researcher also worked on avian influenza in the land. There again, he admits: “We really need to have technical meetings for vaccination.”

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