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On Tuesday 28 June, the 13-hour newspaper travels to the United Kingdom, a country in which pubs are an essential meeting place. They bring many friends, co-workers and families together.

In the United Kingdom, pubs sometimes bring friends and colleagues together after work. “Pub is just a part of us. It’s such a big part of our culture and our lives”, notes a British employee. On Sundays, the pubs are imbued with another custom, that of the Sunday Roast, a moment of relaxation with the family. “There’s a lot of preparation behind this meal, you have to think about all the vegetables, the sauce, we have at least two days of preparation”A cook explains.

Food, pretty much, always follows the same recipe. The flavors are convincing and appealing to customers. Pubs were born around 1800. “Before pubs, people used to sell beer directly in their homes”, says a historian. Word “Pub” Public is a diminutive of house, which means public house. To continue to attract customers, Quiz Pub was born in the 1970s. Their questions are related to current events, music, general knowledge…

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