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For those of you who don’t want to buy a PS5 this Christmas, it looks like many big retailers like Argos won’t have more consoles in stock before January – hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a hop case.

Sony recently said that “everything is sold out”, but has now updated fans by saying that “we wanted to make sure that more PS5 inventory will come to retailers before the end of the year.” While this raised hopes, it does not seem to be the case in the UK today.

The likes of Smiths and Argos say they won’t have a console to sell again until January, and we’ll hear more in the coming days – a bit of a joke for those hoping for a Christmas. According to the news, Argos is also saying January, but we will keep you updated with any announcement.

News that Tesco will be re-launched has not been lost 13th December Although Games and Amazon may have consoles in stock again December 14th Given the deadline for Christmas shipping this year, it must be timely. If this happens, you need to be quick because if the last batch released releases something, it is not very likely to stay on the virtual shelves for more than a few minutes.

We will keep an eye on the issues until we give some more concrete information about the above dates in the coming days as we do not anticipate the speculation at the moment.

Our top tip stays the same – look abroad. For example, Amazon Germany stocked the PS5 on the day of release, which is great news because the console is not geo-locked for gaming, which means you can still play UK games and the stock is likely to return to other countries, with the US being the best shot, first. It is worth noting that some UK will not play Blu-ray and DVD, but keep in mind that 4K discs will work if you want more consoles than just gaming.

It’s still just vague How much? If anything, the stock will be available for the rest of December. We’ll keep tabs every day to see if there’s any more news.

Even if we haven’t received much information yet, we will regularly check with retailers and update you anytime – just scroll through our PS5 Deals section for all the necessary links.

We’re bringing you the latest updates and the best PS5 stock links this week so you have the opportunity to buy a console if you haven’t already. And, if you have, we have accessories and links to PS5 games.

Best PS5 Deal

Note that there are two consoles, the standard version and the digital; The PS5 digital version does not have a disk drive to play physical copies of games.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive a console, or that it will be delivered at Christmas, but check out the links below for the latest stock. Some retailers you can sign up for mailing lists for more updates.

Buy PS5 UK


Some stores briefly returned stocks as part of Black Friday. Remember the PS5 is not geo-locked so you can buy from any of the retailers below and still play your UK games. We will track and update you with the latest deals, but we hope they will be rolled out very quickly.

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If you are looking for other PlayStation products, CD Keys is planning to sell a huge video game on Black Friday that will get a full 90% discount.

When will the PS5 return to shares in the UK?

Sony said there is no stock available for any of its consoles. “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything sells, “said Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Since then, PS5 has tweeted that more stock will come later in the year.

Some retailers were very clear about their stock issue. The latest, Argos, re-locked at 4am on December 3, along with EE and BT, who only released stock for customers. has also posted a message on its website asking customers to run out of stock again. At least they are moving forward! The message says: “We’re really sorry, but unfortunately we don’t have any PlayStation 5 consoles available to order right now and we won’t be getting any stock in the near future.”

The curries were also about some of the rollercaster. Originally the curries made customers hope that it was due to getting stock on the day of release. After the confusion, the launch cancels after the operations are suspended.

Some customers also claimed that they were able to order the PS5 but the order was canceled. Curry then tweeted Make sure no stock was available. Since then, Kuris has said it is “working hard to get more stock.”

The game similarly said it would be in stock on the morning of the release date, but it was “stuck”.

Too many, Argos, Tesco and John Lewis all had problems with their websites on the day the PS5 was released, but came back online and immediately ran out of stock. EE and BT have similarly confirmed that customers will be able to buy stock from them in the morning, but … you guessed it, it sold out quickly.

Amazon is hoping for a bit more of a rebuild in the UK as it has asked customers to refresh the complaint page regularly through its web support, but manages your expectations – no indication of when the stock will return.

The first hint of our stock returning has arrived Shop.No., Who are now allowing customers to re-register their interest – suggesting that more stocks are running again.

At least Sony can acknowledge the authenticity of the Xbox Series X released on November 10, which also has share issues. Microsoft claims that the new Xbox series X and S consoles will only be available for purchase in April 2021. The issue seems to be more about demand than supply. Basically we are all stuck inside the house and want to keep ourselves entertained. It is safe to assume that Sony suffers from the same problem even though they are not as clear as Microsoft. One thing you can grasp is that in the world of pre-ordering, Saturn said early on, “More PS5 will be available later this year.” Hopefully here.

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Where can you buy PS5 in UK?

We will update you as soon as more stores get stock and when it will be available. Most retailers say they are “working tirelessly to get more stock.” We aim to verify this regularly, but check the following to see if the stock is back:


Caris PC World


Smiths toy

John Lewis

Laptop directly

PS5 accessories

PS5 as well as console accessories have also been sold. Includes dual-sense controller, Pulse 3D headset or media remote. You may get lost when it comes to PS5 accessories and games, but don’t forget that PS4 games are still working – Sony has confirmed the compatibility behind the PS5.


Dualsense controller

Dualsense charging station

Gameware PS5 Dual Charger

PS5 Fast Charge Twin Charging Dock

HD camera

PS5 Media Remote

Pulse 3D headset

How to get PS5: Top tips

1. Bookmark our page and look back for stock – we keep this page up to date and stay with the original retailers who re-confirm the rest of the time.

2) Make sure you check just before any recurrence time – we’ll list the sure times when we get it, just click and be ready when the stock appears as fast as you can You can say ‘I want a PS5’.

3. Prepare your payment details and keep the money in your account – in the first pre-order round some people fight to confirm their console or cropping the message that it is checking the payment. It seemed comfortable on the day of release but make sure you remove all obstacles by keeping the account you are using ready to transfer money.

4. Move fast – no worries. If you know you want a PS5, decide which version, check out those links! As soon as the stock appears it disappears.

5. Don’t worry – if you don’t get the console directly, check it out. Yes, it’s hard to find right now, but there’s always the next re-lock!

Can I buy a PS5?

Sony said any additional stock that would be available would not be available in stores due to the lockdown in England. This is a choice that is understandable because they do not want to gather a lot of people in the shops, it may not even be open, try to buy. Most people tried to grab a pre-order of the PS5 so they could get their console on the release date, whether it was a click and the collection was delivered.

The PlayStation quotes them as: “No unit in-store will be available for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19 depending on your region) – please do not plan to camp out or line up with your local retailer on launch day please. Stay safe, stay home and place your order online in hopes of finding a PS5 console.

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Now it may be possible for stores to reopen it again but we’ll look at how quickly we can add stock so that most retailers are opting to keep things online online – whatever the time.

PS5 re-issues

Most of the PS5 pre-orders didn’t go as planned and the more PS5 saw on launch day it wasn’t without drama.

The journey hasn’t been easy for many trying to get the PS5 and you know that a pre-order release didn’t go as planned when the company behind it came out and acknowledged. The Official PlayStation Twitter Account Recently said “Let’s face it: PS5 readers can be much smoother. We truly apologize for this. “

We appreciate their honesty!

When Games, Smiths, Verry, Amazon, and regular retailers go live with live stock overnight on the first pre-order date, it spreads quickly. Argos and John Lewis went live next – and sold out within minutes.

Even after the consoles were sold, many of us knew they were listed, but we were told that something more was going on. Retailers received more stock for the November 19 release date – but it was canceled, causing some uproar as systems and websites in Qatar declined. The extra stock present on the day of the launch blew up the virtual shelves and sold out within minutes. Finally we are starting to see stock drops again, hopefully giving people time to spend time for Christmas. GameStop PS5 has got stock (in-store) and scenes of customers cutting short Thanksgiving celebrations and bringing the original bed to sleep outside the store have been published online. Walmart reconnected on Black Friday as it did this week.

Will I be able to lift my PS5 lockdown?

If you are able to find the console that is only available for in-store collection, you may wonder if you can do it in the current situation. We have now come out of the second lockdown in the UK so you can pick up your console now that the store is open again.

England were in their second national lockdown, which ended on December 2nd – now we all have to try our rules on what level we are at.

Well, the word ‘click and collect’ is the savior here and stores like Games and Smith may or may not be open to you if you want to keep checking, click and collect your best option.

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