PS5 pre-orders: 130,000 PlayStation 5 consoles arrive in stock for Black Friday and Christmas

If you’re one of those people who shop for items when they’re on sale but hate the rush and hustle that comes with that time of year, you know for a fact what’s going to happen on November 26, 2021. Is. It will be Black Friday, the Friday in November when prices are at their lowest.

And less than a month later, it will be Christmas! It is precisely for these two key dates that the Japanese giant Sony is finally announcing a major restoration of the PS5! Let’s not get carried away, however, there will still be nothing for everyone; But there are better things to do than this full year of stockouts.

Sony tries to meet demand

The Playstation 5 has shed a lot of ink since its release almost a year ago, on November 19, 2020. You’ll have to reserve the console from pre-orders to expect to see it as soon as it was released. in your living room. Then it was just a coincidence.

Without counting the people who bought the sacred console it was much more expensive than that. There has been speculation about such a product for almost a year now. But it looks like Sony wants to grab the bull by the horns, and is launching a $7 billion plan to try to satisfy those who are still waiting.

Where to find PS5 before Black Friday and Christmas?

As always, re-stocking will need to be looked for and closely monitored. It is rumored that some big resellers like Amazon have enough inventory for Black Friday. In addition, it is more and more available on Amazon, but it appears that the US giant only fills these stocks in drop-outs, so that everything can run on D-Day. So it will be necessary to wait till exactly midnight on 26th. . If you haven’t found it by then, November will be one of the first to buy it.

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in number

Sony invests $7 billion to deliver 130,000 consoles for Black Friday and Christmas. This resulted in several charter flights in a Boeing 747 to bring the console to Europe. It must be said that the figures are dizzying: in the United Kingdom, a million PS5s were sold in a single year. In France, Sony has put forward the figure of 2 million satisfied players. and globally, 14 million consoles have passed in less than a year, And despite supply difficulties.

So 130,000 new copies shipped by Sony have arrived in the United Kingdom; PS5s will then be shipped across Europe. 5 charter planes have arrived in Europe each carrying 100 tons of consoles, and two more are to come. Even though the process sounds unprecedented and unprecedented, it’s also not a panacea: if we divide the number of consoles by the number of European countries, we tell ourselves that they won’t all have any yet. It’s already better than no console!

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