PS5 launch day: stock issue and the arrival of the new PlayStation console on the website

The PlayStation 5 launch date has arrived, but has been forgotten by frustrated fans, the stock crisis and store outages, as much as the new gaming experience.

The new PlayStation includes a variety of new features such as a newly designed controller, as well as extensively enhanced specs that allow almost complete elimination of 8K gaming and loading screens. Co-review Freedom, Praised the new console for its performance and power, even mentioning its unusual – and unusually large – design.

The console sold out quickly after pre-orders opened in September and has continued in short supply ever since. With the release date approaching, many expected the new consoles to sell online – and because of the coronavirus lockdown they were only sold online – but the stock was very low.

The PS5’s slogan is “Playing No Restrictions”, and many fans who received their new PlayStation on the day of release no doubt found out what the truth was. But the huge number of fans, who were stuck without a console or any easy way to buy one, felt themselves very limited.

Curry’s story is probably no better than the perfect picture of despair and confusion. The company promised it would do more PlayStation at 9am; When that time arrived, it said the launch was delayed day after day; It has since finally admitted that it has no stocks and fans should keep an eye on it in the future.

The search for new consoles breaks down those websites on a regular basis, as they struggle to meet demand; Some people were forced to put customers in special queues, and others just went down. John Lewis’s website, for example, was not accessible throughout the morning – meaning no one could buy any of its products, not just the PlayStation 5.

Some even looked to the front. Amazon Germany became a special center for interested UK fans who heard that their country might have more stock than their own country retailers, but the story was mostly the same, though not the language.

There is no clear indication that any one problem will be solved in the near future. Sony has said that more consoles will arrive “at the end of the year”, but Microsoft said earlier this week that demand for the Xbox may not meet demand until April, and there’s no reason to expect the PlayStation

Even those who have been able to pre-order have run into stock problems themselves. The game said it would not be able to order all consoles on the release date – and blamed the oversized console and its box for causing delivery problems. Some of those who caught it expressed confusion about how to turn it off, or how to place the disk.

But things suggest that Sony’s preparations could be the end of a few years in the morning, and the months of excitement among fans was just the beginning of a desperate search for a new PlayStation 5.

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