PS5: Display issues with non-HDR (SDR) games

Gamers with PS5 have noted serious issues with non-HDR (SDR) games. There are performance issues with the console for not making the correct color adjustments.

Problem between PS5 and SDR

Tim Rogers wanted to make a video recording of the game Demon spirits And states that they had to deactivate HDR which is enabled by default on Sony consoles. The problem is, the PS5 displays a gray gray instead of a gray background on the game screen in SDR mode. Generally, there is a problem with all the dark parts. This is not a problem with the same game on the PS4 Pro.

Digital Foundry, which analyzes games on the technical side, looks into this issue. “PS5 does not display original SDR content correctly, unfortunately”, Alexander Bataglia of Digital Foundry says Un tweet. “This may cause black crushing or other changes in the reproduction of the game’s color or tone.”, he adds.

John Linman, a member of Digital Foundry, provided his testimony. He thinks the console has a problem with RGB. It will try to expose them instead of crushing blacks in SDR mode.

Mainly there is a problem with the “old” game

This problem with SDR content on the PS5 is primarily a concern with “older” games. Actually, it is possible to play PS4 games on new consoles. But many of them are only in SDR and not HDR. To say that experience is not optimal. Now we hope that Sony can correct the situation with the update. The group has not yet publicly reacted to this performance bug.

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