Protests in Bristol Lockdown: Chaos erupts in UK over HundredDes march News

Conspiracy theory groups have staged a lockdown protest at Bristol College Green, although Avon’s warning and Somerset police will face fines for breaking the coronavirus law. Around 12 noon today, about 200 protesters gathered from midnight before marching through the city.

Pierce Corbyn, the brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, was also speaking at the event and is understood to have been arrested.

Addressing the crowd, he stressed: “We still have a long way to go, but we are moving forward.

“And I would say, no matter what happens, Christmas will be on our terms.”

He shouted to the crowd: “Break the lockdown, save lives”.

Another protester, said: “We will not be slaves to the system.

“People who have underlying health problems or are sick, obviously, we can never go to them.

“But for those who are healthy, we can do our job.

“And shutting down local businesses, yes, is an absolute insult and basically it’s disgusting.

“It’s not happening to us, to say we’re all standing here together.”

Avon and Somerset said in a statement that 14 people had been arrested in connection with the incident.

A spokesman said: “Fourteen people have been arrested so far during today’s protests.

“We recognize the right to freedom of expression, but we do not currently allow protests.

“COVID-19 is deadly and restrictions are in place to prevent its spread.

“We’ve been asking people to go home.”

The rally was held despite a ban on Preity Patel protests until 2 December during the Second National England Lockdown.

Official guidelines say you can only meet someone else outside in a public setting.

Anyone found violating the rules could be fined up to 200.

Arn Walton from Bristol Stand Up, who hosted the event, refused to close his Gloucester Road parlor during the second lockdown and was fined yesterday by the council.

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