Protests Against Boris Johnson’s Asylum Reform

Overseas camp near Loon-Plage (North), November 25, 2021.

The “Nationality and Borders” bill, aimed at reforming the right to asylum in the United Kingdom, comes in the third and final reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday 7 December before going through the House of Lords – which can amend but block Can’t adopt it. The text, condemned by non-governmental organizations and the Labor opposition as an “anti-refugee” law, is a cornerstone of a post-Brexit policy of “gaining control” on borders promised by Boris Johnson and his Interior Minister Priti Patel.

The law is intended to criminalize crossing the Channel in boats, migrants who land on Kent’s beaches without authorization and face prison sentences (even if they take refuge there). It also validates the much-controversial theory of “pushback”, the return of boats to French territorial waters, and the creation of centers for asylum seekers in third countries while their files are being examined. 1. In a scathing report published oner In December, a week after 27 people were killed in the English Channel, the Westminster Parliamentary Human Rights Committee concluded that the text was “Inconsistent with the UK’s obligations under the UN Refugee Convention”, As for “pushback”, they “will make the crossing even more dangerous and will not adversely affect the crossing or the smugglers”.

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“Safe Roads”

Several British NGOs have already threatened to sue the government if the law is passed. However, the prime minister did not blink an eye, encouraging deputies to vote for a text that “Gives us the power to finally differentiate between illegal and legal migrants”, In this electrifying context, elected conservatives have dared to break ranks and request a more humane approach: they are calling for creation. “Safe Roads” To claim asylum in the UK – a long-standing demand of migrant support groups.

“We need a firm but fair migration policy,” An article posted on December 5 on ConservativeHome, a site run by Tory party members, emphasizes Andrew Mitchell, the former minister for international development under David Cameron. “Deployment of wave machines or jet-skis to repel migrant boats [des idées avancées par le Home Office] This will bring disasters and weaken our position on the international stage.” Warns the chosen one of the Midlands. He also criticized the idea of ​​parking asylum seekers. “In places where human rights will not be guaranteed. We cannot expose abuses in Russia or China if, at the same time, pictures of offshore British detention camps are being circulated everywhere.”,

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