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With its dark blue facade, London’s tiniest house appears squeezed among other buildings.

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At first glance, a nice 1.60 meters wide, blue and not recognizable as a residential building: you can describe the narrowest house in London. It is now seeking a new owner of one million euros.

From franziska shamock

02/26/2021 – 2:21 pm

London – Currently the smallest residential building in London is for sale under one million pounds. The equivalent is around 1.1 million euros. There is a house in the Shepherd’s Bush district west of the capital of Great Britain which is only 1.65 meters wide in some places. Despite the small size, there are many bedrooms and bathrooms as well as Scandinavian-minimalist interior.

In total, the area of ​​the house is about 100 square meters – and it also has a garden and a terrace terrace. According to “Spiegel” the house was once a hat shop in the Victorian era. Real estate agent David Myers of Winkworth Real Estate Agency recommends a narrow house for one or a single person. The house is chic, beautiful and personal.

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