promotion of science in secondary schools

As part of their program summary test, natural science students at the Center d’Etudes Collegiales de Montmagny (CCM) promoted a scientific culture to secondary school students who came to visit them. They would hit the road to redo their presentation at Bonn-Pasteur High School.

About 150 youth from the Saint-Paul, Louis-Jacques-Casault and Dina-Bélanger secondary schools visited the natural science students at CUCM to discover the various projects undertaken as part of their wider program. Seven teams presented the results of ten weeks of research in biology, physics or chemistry.

Students will also go to the Bon-Pasteur secondary school in L’Islet to present their projects to a larger number of young people. With this initiative, CÉCM seeks to share the knowledge of the students more widely and spread their passion for the world of pure, applied and health sciences.

four days a week

Starting in the fall of 2022, natural science students will have a four-day week on their schedule, Monday through Thursday. The aim of this pilot project is to give them more time for study, work or just personal time.

An incremental scholarship of $1,000 will also be awarded to all students registered in the program. They will get one installment in the fall semester and then the second installment in the winter semester.

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