Project Triangle Strategy Announced for 2022

Nintendo announced Project triangle strategy During this Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, a new tactical-RPG game from Square Enix with the previously shown “HD-2D” graphic style Octopath traveler.

Set in what appears to be a universe related to the Octopath Traveler (or at least without a clear follow-up), Project Triangle Strategy follows a conflict between three countries, known as the Salt and Iron Wars . Players will assemble a group of heroes and engage in tactical battles on multiple levels.

On the gameplay side, the player May Take advantage of the height difference to put pressure on enemies and motivate them to perform series attacks and expose themselves to elemental threats. Of The elements You may be allowed to take in the environment as well Ascending On their opponents.

“Play as Sereanor as the heir to the kingdom of Glenbrook, and lead a group of fighters in a story where intrigue and conspiracy contradictions and every decision can make a difference. Some of these choices are Serenor’s three values , Will affect practicality, morality and freedom and change their view of the world as well as the landscape. “

related to Octopath traveler At that time, a demo is already available on Eshop to give you first opinion on this title scheduled for 2022.

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