Project SAS – the first good news of 2022?

That’s all we can hope for, and unfortunately at the moment, that’s all we can hope for. The information regarding this title is actually still very little … The title of the game in question is provisional Project SAS, and it has a website that serves as a teaser for a few hours.

“40 years have passed since the events in this game”, informs the website in question. A single sentence with an audio cassette that certainly launches a retro teaser, but is hard to explain. Looks like the short video wants to transport us to ’80s Japan. We are met on the streets of Tokyo with pictures of really old-fashioned, pachinko players in vintage costumes, and shots from the 80s like aerobics sessions given on cathode ray screens.

But we also see zombies coming out of the ground and wandering in the woods. The video ends with footage of the game, and a female character arriving on a motorcycle. So, motorcycles and zombies … Could sports be a one-of-a-kind day in late 20th century Japan? A small excerpt on the developer’s website tells us all the same that the game is an RPG.

We don’t know much about either developer, except that he’s Chinese, despite his Japanese orientation (based on his game in Tokyo, and called Nekom for Neko’s company – Neko translating to “cat”. Japanese word for We Dying on That: Rebirth (2017), a sort of terrifying escape game that would become a franchise with the upcoming release of Dying: 1983 on PC and PS5.

Final details on website: A 3-day countdown that, at the end of the day, will tell us more about it Project SAS…see you again on Friday!

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