Prohibition on wearing a veil with a lawyer’s cloak

The case was brought by a hijab-wearing student lawyer who in 2019 challenged a rule established by the bar in Lille, northern France, banning religious and political markers in courts on the grounds that it was discriminatory.

“A lawyer may not wear with the garment any embellishment or sign expressly expressing any religious, philosophical, community or political affiliation or opinion”, it read in the rules. A point which the complainants considered an attack on religious freedom and discrimination.

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On Wednesday, the Cassation Court’s decision collapsed: a prohibition on the wearing of religious symbols “does not constitute discrimination”, it said, specifying that the decision is “on the one hand, necessary and sufficient, to preserve the liberty of counsel”. For “on the other hand, to guarantee the right to a fair trial”.

In July 2020, the Douai Court of Appeals ruled that the Lillee Bar Association had acted legally. A provision which has therefore been ratified by the Court of Cassation.

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