Pro-England conspiracy theory pervades the web

l’England who comes in the last ad euro 2020 Thanks to the suspected penalty whistled by the referee easy against Denmark The web has set new fire in the anti-UEFA controversy.

pro england conspiracy

It is above all the fans of the teams who are fighting over the matter with the EU super lega – like those Juventus – Instigating on social media to claim that British Prime Minister Boris is behind the errors of arbitration johnson To take sides against the SuperLiga project.

Ceferin. protest against

“Condemnable! Ceferin will award the English, which would have cleared the end of UEFA, for effectively ending the Super League. Ceferin He will go down in history as the president who made the federation disappear. Apparently Boris J. And thanks for all the English”, Matteo commented on Twitter.

Diego agrees: “The interests that run down are many … do not forget that it was UK, also as Johnson, to support Ceferin against the Super League, even if it all proves useless over time, but so be it..”. wanted in the final for – writes Resenzatrono, who, however, remains confident of the final – but it Italy Was born to beat any team!”

Ironically, Kiko: “But hardness Was England included in Boris Johnson’s gift package to fight against the clubs joining the Super League? Bladistic, on the other hand, dusts off the favorite hashtag of the Uefa adversary: ​​“The mafia is dead again. England in the final with a negligible penalty. UEFA, so you didn’t want a Super League. #saferinout”.

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